Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Felicitiations! Also new in button necklaces.....

Here are a couple of necklaces, one with vintage Japanese fabric covering the buttons, one with vintage plastic buttons.

The large buttons on Necklace #55 are covered with Japanese yukata cotton, the small ones with vintage kimono silk.  The necklace is on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.


 Necklace #54
Vintage plastic buttons on Japanese woven cotton bias tape - blue, blue blue!

And Returning to Buttons Covered in Artisanal Fabrics....

Here are two necklaces covered in fabric dyed by Miriam Sklar of mimishibori.  I am lucky enough to have some of her remnants, including samples from early in her career.  To see her full range of garments and read her interesting commentary on shibori, see her website at

Necklace #50. This shibori-dyed fabric is flannel!  It is pleasingly tactile.

And this fabric on Necklace #53 is cotton.  The interesting designs are made by applying a potato-starch resist to the cloth and then pouring pigment into the cracks in the resist medium.

Both necklaces are on bamboo fiber bias tape.