Thursday, June 11, 2015

No New Pictures Today (Soon), but An Update About my Photo Album

Google in its infinite wisdom has made changes to the way Google photo albums are made, look, and are shared.  My album of current work now has a link of  In order to get the captions, including the necklace number, of each photo, click on one of the photos and then look up to the right side of the screen for a letter "i" (for "info") inside a circle.  It's the middle icon.  Click the little "i" and a caption will appear on the right.  If you continue to scroll through the photos, the information displays will stay with you; if you go back to the whole album, repeat the above steps to get another caption next time you click on an individual picture.  Sigh - just when you get used to something.  Thanks for your patience!  A friend discovered I had holes in the blog where pictures used to be.  This happens when I move photos out of the "current" album and into the album of earlier work.  I just went through and fixed them all - I hope!  The link to the album of earlier works is