Friday, October 19, 2012

The Joy of Using Artist-Dyed Fabrics.

The shiny watercolor effect of those dyed mother of pearl buttons led me to another watercolor-like look, beautiful hand-dyed fabrics by Sandra Holzman of Sandrasilk,  
Do check her website and learn about her marbling, printing, etc. on fine fabrics and see her gallery of wearable art.  I am lucky enough to have a few of her remnants!

Here on Necklace #43 the covered buttons are accented with dyed mother of pearl buttons, on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.  The dominant fabric on the buttons is a double-weave of linen and silk; the two layers float on top of each other as separate fabrics that join as one, interwoven, in various spots.  For this necklace, I used the fabric linen-side-up, but the silk side is pretty exciting, too (another necklace later!).

And here is another using Sandra's fabric:

In this one, Necklace #44, the silk-covered buttons are accented with little vintage glass buttons, on woven cotton Japanese bias tape.