Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Few New Ones for May.

Rhinestones always seem to hit the spot, and here is one made not just from buttons but with a little square vintage buckle - topped with a deconstructed vintage earring - as the centerpiece.  Buttons and a couple more deconstructed earrings fill in more of the strand:

Necklace #148.  Rhinestones on Japanese chirimen bias tape.

A friend attended a conference at Brown University, and around the corner there in Providence R.I. she found a little junk store with some buttons as well as a big baggie of curious cabechons that may or may not be rootbeer bakelite.  Providence was long the costume jewelry capital of the U.S. - who knows just for what these beauties were intended.  They were a thoughtful gift.  Not long after, Albuquerque's venerable and beloved Morningside Antiques store closed, and in the tray of remaining buttons was a delicate old celluloid buckle, which plays well with the mysterious cabechons.  The buckle may be too delicate for any but the most respectful wearer, even though I have coated all the edges with lacquer (also known as clear nail polish).   We'll see how it plays out.

Necklace #149.  Vintage celluloid buckle and vintage plastic cabechons, with buttons covered in antique kimono silk and small vintage brass buttons - on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.

I found a really appealing remnant of old Japanese kimono silk at a yard sale and here mixed it with a heartier old celluloid buckle and some bakelite buttons.  The cream deco ones came from the yard sale of a prominent local jeweler.  

Necklace #150.  Celluoid buckle, bakelite buttons, and buttons covered with vintage Japanese kimono silk, on Japanese cotton bias tape.

A Google + album of the most recent necklaces can be found at https://goo.gl/photos/uJFB3VUDePMFPEbk9.  Click on a picture to find the caption (and if it doesn't appear up at the right, click the little circled "i" for information and it should get that started).