Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Buttonwork in Early March...

At first I didn't think I'd want this ochre-colored chirimen polyester bias tape, but now I love it.  It makes so many colors, shapes and patinas pop.

Necklace #89, with vintage and contemporary plastic buttons in butterfly-wing blues, on the ochre bias tape.

 The black chirimen does a nice job of offsetting:

Necklace #91.  Buttons covered in vintage Japanese fabric (cotton or rayon) accented by contemporary plastic buttons with interesting pink shading.

Necklace #92, fresh from the work table.  Buttons are covered in rayon with a complex Chinese print mixing text (in characters), florals, a few babies, one lucky bat, and other things to deconstruct.  This fabric is from two tie-ends my friend Diane took off a thrifted blouse.  Once all the stitching was out there was just enough space for circles needed to cover #30 button forms.

I still have necklaces at Albuquerque's lovely Mariposa Gallery (see post below), although a couple are gone now.  Also see post below for the link to the photo album of current necklaces.