Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mostly Bakelite and Polka Dots (and one more buckle necklace)

My aunt's collection included little mother of pearl buckles in several shapes, just crying out to be combined with little mother of pearl buttons of various shapes:

Necklace #211, mother of pearl buckles and buttons on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.  

But then, time to play with the black-on-white polka dot bias tape and the bakelite and celluoid button stash:

Necklace #212.  Bakelite buttons on cotton bias tape.

Necklace #213, Sheet Bakelite scotties with Bakelite balls.  

Necklace #214.  Bakelite rod buttons (and two little tablet-shapes) on cotton bias tape.

Necklace #215.  Back and white various buttons - Bakelite, celluloid and likely other vintage plastics - on cotton bias tape.

Maybe time to switch to white polka dots on black for the next few....

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