Monday, October 9, 2017

Oh, There Are Finally More.

Life does sometimes slow down production!  But there is a little fresh stock.  For instance:

Necklace #173, Bakelite and celluloid buttons on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape. It's hard not to keep rubbing these smooth buttons with your fingers.

Necklace #174.  Delicious amber-like Bakelite buttons with little hand-painted buttons.  On Japanese cotton bias tape.

Necklace #175.  The classic vintage rhinestone gathering on Japanese chirimen polyster bias tape.

Necklace #176.  Plastic buttons on Japanese chirimen bias tape.  I've long loved these copper-colored buttons with their Deco-like design.  When my friend and I went to Oakland, CA's Creative Reuse Depot and approached the tub of buttons, she started pulling out these graphic ones in wonderful colors with the black cruciform centers.  They seem to have made friends with my copper-colored ones.

Although I've been a bad editor and failed to weed out so many no longer available necklaces, photos of the fairly current work are, as usual, displayed in my Google album at

The annual Salon des Artistes is coming up December 3rd.  We're hosting!