Monday, June 11, 2018

Having fun with a wonderful button-box gift

A dear friend gave me a treasure-trove of buttons, and so I am off and running!

Necklace #184.  Vintage celluloid and metal buttons on a black satin bias tape.

I love a rythmic asymmetry and I always drift to black and red.

Necklace #185.  Bakelite buttons with mother-of-pearl insets, on Japanese chirimen bias tape.

Hard not to keep rubbing these pleasingly smooth buttons or watching the mother-of-pearl catch the light.

Necklace #186.  Bakelite buttons on satin bias tape.

These 1920s butterflies are one of the great treasures in the gift box, and the little Bakelite buttons give them a little dimension.  

So yes, off and running, with more designs lined up on the work table.