Friday, October 12, 2018

And Still More Bakelite (and some other vintage plastic)

More show-and-tell from the work table:

Necklace #190, Very very tactile Bakelite cylinders from the 1930s on polka dot cotton tape.

Necklace #191.  A little break from Bakelite.  Vintage plastic roses with mother of pearl leaves and vintage glass twinkling in between (satin bias tape).

Necklace #193.  Two-tone 1930s Bakelite tapdancing away on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.

Necklace #192.  Another break from Bakelite.  Vintage plastic and mother of pearl with rhinestone centers (satin bias tape.

Necklace #194.  Vintage celluloid and metal center button surrounded by spinach-green Bakelite round buttons (on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape).

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