Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some Glitter and Shine, with Thanks to Generous Friends for Their Gifts.

A few new:

Necklace #133. Vintage rhinestone and metal buttons on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.
The generosity of friends makes the necklaces possible!  A dance/exercise friend from the Y brought me a bag of buttons that included this metal and rhinestone set, which I combined with an atomic-burst rhinestone button from my long-time stash.

Necklace #134.  Vintage Bakelite buckle and Bakelite buttons on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.

This butterscotch Bakelite buckle, a wonderful gift from another friend, sits between apple juice Bakelite buttons and quirky little green ones.

Necklace #135.  Vintage Lucite buttons on Japanese woven cotton bias tape.
Those chunky little amber buttons, a gift from yet another friend, made friends with some favorite pieces in my existing collection.

Necklace #136.  Vintage glass buttons on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.
My aunt sent an elegant little bag of buttons for my birthday, including this Deco pink one in the center.  Various old glass buttons complete the necklace.  I was amused to find my reflection in the beetle-wing colored buttons next to the central one.  

I kind of liked the moody effect of this one just dropped onto a table top.  

If you'll be near Albuquerque on December 6th, save the date for the annual Salon des Artistes sale, which will be in a lovely home not far from me (more posting, with address, before that time) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  And again, the link to the album of my current work is  Click on a picture and then click on the little "i" in a white circle, to the upper right of the image, to get the caption.