Monday, November 12, 2018

Moving slightly away from the Bakelite stash

Celluloid is as luscious as Bakelite.  It's hard not to rub these buttons like talismans.

Necklace #196.  Vintage celluloid and metal buttons on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape. Little Bakelite ball buttons at the ends.

Extruded celluloid is pretty weird stuff and maybe not for everyone, but I think it has a wacky charm.

 Necklace #201.  Vintage extruded celluloid buttons on satin bias tape.

But leaving plastics behind, these intricate mother of pearl buttons are likely Victorian.

Necklace #198.  Antique mother of pearl buttons on Japanese cotton bias tape.

Stone is nice, too.

Necklace #197.  Stone buttons on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.

But on to something softer, buttons covered with vintage Japanese kimono fabric.

Necklace #200.  Buttons covered in vintage Japanese bias tape, with Bakelite accent buttons, on satin bias tape.  

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