Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Almost Time for the annual Salon des Artistes ...

and a few more necklaces have been added to the stash.

Necklace #219.  Sweet vintage ceramic button in the center with some Bakelite (or fine celluloid?) buttons and fabric-covered buttons with an apple print - on satin bias tape.

Necklace #220, a classic vintage rhinestone design on satin bias tape.

Necklace #221, a lovely Czech glass and rhinestone buckle from my Aunt Emma's collection, with vintage plastic and rhinestone button in its center.  Vintage glass buttons, likely also Czech, complete the necklace, on satin bias tape.

Necklace #224
.  A vintage carved mother of pearl button in the center, with sparkly vintage plastic and rhinestone buttons and vintage glass buttons, on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.

Necklace #222.  Rattan buttons and buttons covered in silk handkerchief fabric, on satin bias tape.

Necklace #223.  Beach pebble buttons made by Nancy Arnold of the Button Bird, with little flags of vintage Japanese kimono silk decked with bone and horn buttons.  Satin bias tape base.

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