Monday, October 7, 2019

Vintage plastics, polka dots, and again one more vintage buckle necklace.

A few birthday-gift buttons combined with the stash here, in delicious reds - metal and celluloid and maybe indeed Bakelite:

Necklace #216.  Metal and vintage plastic, on cotton polka dot bias tape.

I guess scotties and sailors wound up on the same necklace because of their vintage appeal and associations with events of the Roosevelt (FDR) era:

Necklace #217.  Celluloid scotties and Bakelite sailors on the polka dot cotton bias tape.

It took awhile to plan for this antique buckle from the collection of my late Aunt Emma.  Somehow it has survived use as a buckle (I think it must be Victorian) with only the loss of a few little jet bits.  This left a nice space for a sparkly glass button.  I reinforced with recommended glue all the contact points for the little jet elements.  It seems the right centerpiece for a handful of vintage glass buttons.

Necklace #218.  Antique jet and brass buckle with vintage glass buttons, on Japanese chirimen polyester bias tape.

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